Janine Loses 57 lbs of Fat in 3 Months!

“After being away at university for five years, I was planning to return home for an extended visit. I was really worried about my appearance. I wasn't exactly a “babe” at school, but I had gained about 40 pounds since those glory days of my youth, and I didn't want to be the girl who went away and then came back all fat!

I read a review of Liproxenol™ in a fitness magazine and immediately ordered several bottles. I only had about three months to get myself in shape, and I set a goal of 20 pounds to lose. A month in and I already knew my goal was way too modest. I wasn't even weighing myself, but I could see my body changing in the mirror on a weekly basis. I had no idea that those lines on my face were caused by fat! As the pounds came off, my skin smoothed out... Liproxenol™ literally took away the fat that had put an extra ten years on my face!

I was shrinking away fat and cellulite all around my body, dropping sizes (getting new clothes was an expense I wasn't expecting), and feeling more healthy than I had in high school. At the three month mark, I finally weighed myself – I had lost 57 pounds! Let me tell you, when I went back home, I've never received so many compliments in all my life... and quite a few jealous looks from the girls as well!”

Janine Myers

New Mom Sheds Over 11 lbs of Fat!

“Keeping up with my girlfriends has been tough since I became a new mom. Lately whenever we spend time together, I feel like I'm the fat girl holding the rest of the group back... talk about depressing. A co-worker noticed I was struggling losing my baby weight and she recommended Liproxenol™. I had never tried a weight loss supplement before so I didn't know what to expect. Right away, I noticed that I was eating less. After a couple weeks, I had lost 11 pounds! I kept on going, and after a little over a month, all the baby weight was gone and I was putting a dent in the extra pounds I had been carrying around for a few years. Now when we go out, no one knows that I'm the one in the group with a husband and an infant at home.”

Betty M.

50 lbs Lost in 10 weeks!

“I'll keep it quick and focus on the results. In ten weeks I dropped 50 pounds... I'll say it again: 50 POUNDS!!! I dropped over half a dozen sizes (shopping for a new wardrobe has never felt so fulfilling) and transformed myself from a chubby mess to a slinky siren. What a complete life-changer Liproxenol™ has been, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.”


Cellulite Gone!

“My cellulite had to go! It was impervious to exercise and dieting... Liproxenol™ was my last chance. A couple tablets before morning and night time meals is really easy to remember, and staying on that schedule finally did the trick. After just a week I could already see a difference, and a month was all it took to get rid of my lumpy thighs. A lifesaver!”

Britney Stone

Thomas Sheds 25 lbs!

“In college I was a real athlete, but these days work and family just take up all my free time. It's definitely taken a toll on my body over the years since then. Both my wife and I noticed that our sex life was getting a little stale, and I felt like I wasn't attractive to her any more. I started taking Liproxenol™ and things turned around in a matter of weeks. I lost about 25 pounds, and all the inches that came with them, and it was like turning back the clock on our marriage. Feeling like a young stud again!”

Thomas Jokovich

Sisters Each Lose Over 20 lbs!

“I made the decision to lose weight for my kids. I want to be active with them, and I want to be around to enjoy them as long as possible, and the direction my weight was headed was making that a problem. My sister-in-law and I both started taking Liproxenol™ at the same time, and it was incredible to not only feel how it was changing my body for the better, but to see how it was helping her too.

We would have a weekly contest to see who lost the most weight. I won the first week 4 pounds to 3, but she caught me the next week and lost 6 pounds to my 4. We tied in week three (5 pounds each), but I got her again the following week with an amazing 7 pounds to her 5!

We noticed the changes in each other's daily routines: more stamina during the day, looking better all the time, and feeling great. And my kids noticed too; since I was now able to keep up with them much easier, we could share a lot more activities. After we reached our goals, we stopped taking Liproxenol™, but after a couple months I started again with an even more ambitious goal. What a wonderful weight loss supplement!”

Jocelyn Fitzgerald

Easy Weight Loss

“No time for exercise and I can't stand diets“ – sound familiar? But I still lost weight with Liproxenol™. Two tablets in the morning have me covered throughout the day, and two more before dinner mean I stay out of the refrigerator late night. Keeping slim and happy without compromising my lifestyle is not just a dream... it's my reality.”


Lose Weight and Look Years Younger

“I didn't need to lose a lot of weight, but I was definitely starting to feel my middle years creeping up on me – a little puffy here, some extra sagging there. A friend recommended Liproxenol™ and I'm incredibly happy with the results. My face is much thinner and it's literally taken years off my looks. Turned a few heads today... thank you Liproxenol™!”

Lucy G

36 lbs Lost in 2 Months!

“'When are you due?' Those four words told me I needed to lose weight. My husband's co-worker asked the question innocently enough at a party, but when I told her I wasn't pregnant, we were both embarrassed. Later on, she took me aside to apologize and asked if I was interested in losing weight quickly and easily. She recommended Liproxenol™, which she said had worked wonders for her.

I was eager to see the results, and I started noticing them pretty quickly. In the first month, I lost 17 pounds from my most noticeable areas: my face, tummy, and arms. Over the next four weeks, Liproxenol™ helped me trim up all over and I lost a further 19 pounds. Finally, stubborn areas around my hips and bottom that had been with me for a decade melted away – that's when I knew that Liproxenol™ was something really special.

What I had really been worried about was feeling tired or lethargic, but if anything I seemed to have more vitality, even though I was eating a lot less – having all that energy and seeing incredible results had me excited to keep going. Nowadays, I'm not going to be mistaken for being pregnant by anyone. An embarrassing moment turned into a great new direction for me!”

Stacy Briscoe

Increases Energy. Burns Fat.

“Nothing better to keep you trim for the long term. Liproxenol™ burns that fat, and my arms & abs look really ripped with just an hour in the gym. I love how it keeps my energy up – I don't have to eat but still have the drive to go all day. Great stuff!”

Carl Reynolds

30 lbs of Fat Lost in 7 weeks!

“My story is probably the same as a lot of women – after three kids, I had pretty much given up any hope of my body being found attractive by anyone. I found Liproxenol™ on the Internet and figured, 'What do I have to lose?' I lost a lot of weight (over 30 pounds in about seven weeks), but that wasn't even the most important part. The energy Liproxenol™ gave me made me feel young and sexy, and it really helped me change around my whole attitude. Why can't I be sexy and desirable at 42 years old? The answer is, I can... just ask my husband!”

Mary P

12+ lbs Vanish in 2 Weeks!

“My job requires a lot of physical activity, meaning I have to be in good shape. But I get a lot of time off between deployments, and that downtime always turns into trouble – too much hanging with the boys, eating and drinking the wrong things, no motivation to exercise. Then when it's time to work again, I'm a flabby mess.

One of the other guys said he has the same problem – he told me about Liproxenol™, and I said I'd give it a try. About two weeks before going back on duty, I started taking the tablets. Was two weeks enough time to make a difference? Turned out to be more than enough. I lost 12 pounds in those two weeks, and I still wasn't exercising. I took off everything I had gained in my time off, plus a couple more pounds. My muscles were looking good and feeling good.

Keeping away from the junk food and the late night snacks was easier than I thought it would be. I felt like I was really burning fat with my metabolism running like a finely-tuned engine. I showed up for work fit, energized, and ready like I hadn't been in years. Now Liproxenol™ is part of my regimen during my time off.”

Tim Y

Fits Into Bridesmaid Dress Just In Time.

“Five weeks until my best friend got married and I had a real problem on my hands: I didn't fit into my bridesmaid's dress! The thing was already paid for, and I was too embarrassed to go in for alterations. So I sucked it up and decided to lose the weight. Just dieting and exercise wasn't going to do the trick, so I asked another friend and she pointed me to Liproxenol™. I had the weight lost in four weeks, and lost even more with the time to spare! Looked so good, I snagged myself a man at the reception... if everything goes right, I'll be looking even better at my own wedding.”

Cassandra Morrisey

36 lbs Lost in 3 Months!

“I was stuck at home for a couple months following surgery on my back, and during my time healing I packed on a lot of extra weight. Once I was feeling better and up & around, the first thing I wanted to do was get rid of those pounds. My doctor advised against any strenuous exercise and I didn't want to punish myself with a diet... Liproxenol™ to the rescue! No exercise was no problem, and I got my appetite under control. Over the course of the spring, I lost about 36 pounds, and not a moment too soon. By the time summer rolled around, I was able to fit into my bikinis and get out there and strut my stuff. Outstanding results, I love Liproxenol™!”


29 lbs Lost in 7 Weeks!

“Some of the highlights of what Liproxenol™ did for me... Tremendous energy and wellness benefits, that's what I noticed first – after years feeling run down and physically unfit, it was beautiful to feel strong and confident in my body again.

Super-charged metabolism – sometimes you see people and you have no idea where they get the energy to go all day... now I'm one of them! The ravages of aging reversed – the weight that I lost (29 pounds in seven weeks) took several years off of me, years that I'll happily never get back.

Appetite – gone! Hunger and the feeling that I'm missing out on the joy of eating has always turned me off from dieting, but with Liproxenol™ I was able to eat less without feeling deprived. Slimmer and more fit – clothes look better on me, I don't have the awkward sensation of my thighs rubbing together when I walk, and taking a flight of stairs doesn't leave me winded.

And above all, feeling sexy and desirable. Girls, if it's been a few years since you made a man look twice in your direction, let me tell you that you will get the thrill of your life if you let Liproxenol™ rebuild the sexy, athletic body you had back in the day!”

Misty D