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Hi, my name is Jeffrey Wilson, chief medical advisor of JW Labs. I have a question for you. Would you be interested in a weight loss supplement that could provide you with more fat loss than prescription medications, but without the dangerous side effects?

If you said YES, I have great news for you. We have developed a remarkable weight loss supplement that contains ingredients proven in clinical trials to aid in weight loss. It’s all-natural and contains no drugs whatsoever. This product is now available to the general public, directly from the source-and at no risk to you. Plus it’s guaranteed to work or you get your money back!

You may be able to tell that I am excited about our new product. The reason I am excited is that it works amazingly well at fighting fat.

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News is spreading fast from our satisfied customers who have discovered that Liproxenol™ works remarkably well at firing up their metabolisms and burning off their unwanted fat.

In fact, news spread so quickly that we sold out of our initial 1500 bottles the first week it was released. It has been extremely popular, because it works so incredibly well. It works for everyone, from people who are only a little overweight, to people who are classed as significantly overweight.

It works so well that even people who have had serious problems losing weight in the past are discovering the benefits of Liproxenol™. One such person was Matthew Thompson. He had tried everything to lose weight, but had no success. Take a look at what Matthew wrote to us after he took Liproxenol™ for 8 weeks.

"You helped me lose 44 pounds in 8 weeks. I've tried just about every other diet pill
available and I didn't lose any weight, but with Liproxenol™ I actually ate more food and
exercised less and still lost 44 lbs." - Mathew Thompson

Dr. Sharon Reynolds even prescribes Liproxenol™ to her own patients. This is what she said about Liproxenol™:

"I always recommend Liproxenol™ to my patients because I know
the ingredients are clinically tested and effective. This has proven
to be the most effective diet supplement for my patients".

Doctors recommend Liproxenol™ to their patients as it allows them to lose weight, without any nervous or jittery feelings. Liproxenol™ has no side effects like other diet formulas that can cause painful gas, diarrhea, insomnia and other unpleasant problems.

People across the country are demanding this amazing breakthrough formula to shed unwanted pounds and inches. Even celebrities are excited about the effectiveness of our fat-fighter. They know how important it is to look good in front of the camera. Look what Anna Monk, an aspiring actress, wrote to us recently...

"When I came to LA to pursue my acting career
I was intimidated by all the beautiful people and
all the beautiful bodies. Now, after 6 months of
taking Liproxenol™, I can match it with anyone."

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A Major National Problem

If you think only severely overweight people have a problem shedding excess pounds, think again. Our research indicates that most Americans carry too much weight, and people who are only slightly overweight find it hard to shed even 5, 10 or 20 pounds.

Is Excess Weight A Problem?

If you find your weight is causing problems, such as lack of energy, low self-esteem or having numerous clothing sizes in your closet, it's time to take action!

Lose weight now, more easily than ever before, and avoid the health and medical problems associated with being too overweight, including joint pain, heart attacks, diabetes and more.

Years of painstaking research has resulted in a weight loss system shown to be faster than diet and exercise alone.

63 Years Old – Still Seeing and Enjoying The Benefits of Liproxenol™

"I just hit my 63rd birthday and I am happy to say that I am still losing
weight, and I still have bucket loads of energy! I am extremely pleased
with the results" - writes Megan Fry

Sam King, age 43 told us

"I've tried many diets in the past but they never got me anywhere.
I was seeing results within the first 2 weeks with Liproxenol™."

There are far too many testimonials to quote from people who found it almost impossible to lose weight before.

It Will Work For You Too!

Let's face facts.

Most of us have tried an assortment of diets and diet products that have let us down. We all know that these products promise everything, but deliver nothing. Some products claim you can lose 60 pounds in 30 days, that's just not going to happen! We believe in science, and we believe our product provides superior results compared to any other product. Now you too can experience these same results.

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The Science Of Weight Control

Losing weight effectively requires a reduction in caloric intake and increased physical activity to boost the metabolism, which is an enzyme-mediated endocrine event. You simply cannot lose weight and keep it off without a healthy metabolism. Formulas that promise you will lose weight while you sleep, or flush fat out of your system with shellfish fibre not only sound too good to be true, they are.

If weight management is a problem frustrating you, there are proven results available to you with Liproxenol™. While many bogus diet products make outrageous claims, the ingredients in Liproxenol™ are supported by clinical trials.

Sustained Metabolic Fat-Burning

Proven in clinical studies, the amazing fat loss ingredients in Liproxenol™ provide a powerful metabolic increase that will literally turn back the clock to youthful levels of weight control. It's effect is to stimulate enzymatic action that makes you lose weight faster and more effectively.

Not only does Liproxenol™ increase your metabolism, but it also stops you from feeling hungry. Many of the ingredients in Liproxenol™ are very powerful appetite suppressants, and we all know the less calories we eat, the more weight we lose.

It’s a Remarkable Product

Simone Tanner, age 32 reports that she gained 20 pounds after she quit smoking. Not only has she lost all the weight she gained, but she has also increased her energy, stating

"It's an absolutely fantastic product. Thank you!"

  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Thermogenesis
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Suppress Appetite
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Even if you eat six times a day, you'll soon experience the best results you've ever had losing weight, and we absolutely guarantee it in writing. Try this formula, as directed, for up to 30 days and if you don't achieve the best results you've ever had, we'll refund your purchase price.

Turbo-Charge your metabolism And Watch Kilos And Centimetres Disappear

To ensure that you experience the same incredible benefits as many of our thousands of happy customers, you get an unconditional money back guarantee. Try it for yourself, and if not fully delighted, return the empty packaging for a 100% refund of the purchase price. You risk nothing, and could gain a whole new you!

Recommended By Hollywood Actors

"Being an actress in Hollywood is a tough business. I know I have to look
my best if I want a shot at the role. I always take Liproxenol™ a few weeks
before an audition because I know it will get rid of my excess pounds and
get me in shape just in time" - Samantha Foster

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